How To Reuse Old Clothes For Inexpensive Halloween Props

How to Reuse Old Clothes For Inexpensive Halloween Props

OK, granted it might be a bit of a reach easily putting your hands on a old Halloween Costume with a witches hat and a long grey wig around the house. That said, it is the Halloween season and most homeowners have a pair of old gloves, some unused fabric, unwanted shoes, odd bits of  lumber and fasteners and an old broom lying around. My Norwegian grandparents never threw anything away and their Ballard homes (including the garages, basements, and canning cellars), were always neat as a pin with those amazing glass jars held in the line up by the single screw in the lids. But I digress. . . .

Many of us would have the bulk of this in the pile for the trash, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or some other charity. One can always wait for the Halloween overstock sales where you can buy previously un-obtained essentials when they have reached the prime of their shelf  life.   A local neighbor of mine installs this on the phone  pole in front of his house annually. Every year it never fails to garner giggles and admiration from the passersby.

I know some will consider this is a stretch for a green post.  However I will never underestimate the value of unexpected humor and whimsy!  My personal touch would be the addition of an obvious outdated cell phone (before it goes to charity) in one of the gloves.


Look where you are going

Let me know if you want to know the location in our local Seattle neighborhood. I am new to blogging and block the comments as a newbie, but feel free to give me a ring and I will let you know the intersection if you would to see this “masterpiece” in person!