Fall Real Estate Sales and Listings in Maple Leaf Seattle

Fall Real Estate Sales and Listings in Maple Leaf Seattle

The following infographic gives a snap shop into the current sales and listings for homes in the Maple Leaf  neighborhood. In case you are new to this market, there has never been a better time to sell a Maple Leaf home and competition is fierce. Buyer demand is at an all time high, homes for sale are at an all time low. There is very little slow down over last spring (typically the busiest time of year in the world of Real Estate). Predictions of interest rates finally rising at the end of the year is putting even more pressure on the large amount of first time home buyers that have been flooding into our city recently.

We have many buyers, even investors that want to buy in neighborhoods with such close proximity to the new light rail and the other transportation hubs that the Maple Leaf neighborhood can brag about. If you think winter is a wrong time to sell your home, this year is certainly an exception to the common myth.

If you are considering making a move, please contact me and for a free evaluation. I just facilitated a sale for some first time buyers where they were able to purchase a home for well under their appraisal. This Maple Leaf listing is expected to draw in multiple offers. As a certified negotiation expert, whether you are the seller or the buyer your best interest is always at top of mind. Oh, and of course, I have a lot of ideas on how you can “green” up a home to make it more comfortable and cost effective to live in, or to appeal to an increasingly savvy home buyer looking for updated systems.

Maple Leaf is an “in demand” neighborhood.


Sustainable Ballard Festival September 19th, 2015

Sustainable Ballard has long been part of the neighborhood here’s an except from their website:

Sustainable Ballard is now 12 years old. Formed in 2003, we were the first neighborhood sustainability group in Seattle and a founding organization of SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound). We’ve gained local, national and international recognition for our grassroots approach to community action addressing climate change.

Their festival is now a “must-do” for residents of the former city of Ballard as well as for others in the area interested in sustainability.  Energy, food, the sharing economy (and non-economy), politics, local causes and just plain fun can all be found here on Saturday September 19th 2015. They now cover such a broad perspective at the festival, one may not even know they are interested in a sustainable concept until they learn more at the festival.

I’ll be there talking up green homes, sustainable practices and handing out water saving devices, Chico bags and talking about all things homeowner related. There are many deep green building withing walking distance of the fair, I am happy to share a walking tour you can do on your own.

Come on down to the festival meet your neighbors from near and far and have a great time with the family!

Here is the latest infographic of our Seattle Real Estate Market.


Seattle’s Green Home Tour 2015

Seattle’s Green Home Tour 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s time once again for the NW Green Home Tour. This year be sure to sign up for a free ticket through Eventbrite, either download the guide from the website or pick up a copy of the Seattle Weekly. This year, the tour has grown so much it makes more sense than ever to have the event over two days on the weekend.

Smart Homes
Seattle’s Tour of High Performance Homes

April  25-26th 2015 are the days this year from 11-5. On Saturday interested attendees can tour the Eastside, and Central sites. Check out 21 Acres in Woodinville which is having their own mini show of sorts. So many things to see at one place. Sunday is reserved  for the sites in North Seattle. As usual this region has the densest clusters of green homes on the tour. Many people like to walk or bike this part of the tour (last year we had people arrive with a growler cage on their bike).

NW Green Home Tour
These NWGHT 2014 attendees came in style. On their bikes complete with a growler cage on their bike

Are you looking for remodeling ideas, want to know what a rain garden is, or interested in meeting service providers one on one? All of these objectives can be met on this weekend.

It’s strongly recommended by experts, OK maybe just me….that you start early in the day with a game plan:

  • Where comfortable slip on shoes, you will be in people’s private homes, let’s show the hosts we appreciate their generousity
  • Print up a schedule ahead of time and mark the “must sees’ depending on your interests and timelines
  • Bring a camera, notebook, umbrella, bottled water and what ever else you might need. It’s possible you might encounter a rare line this year
  • Bring a snack, you may not want to take the time to eat out once you see how great some of these sites are and want to see as many as possible
  • Bring your printed ticket to show you have registered and have read the legal waiver
  • Bring a cheerful attitude and an open mind, this tour can be fun! As well as very educational

The hope is the tour will ‘normalize”the concept of high performance homes for the unfamiliar. For those with a deeper knowledge, the tour will put them in front of the professionals that can answer those questions that have been in the back of their mind. A common complaint is people want to see all the homes and it is frankly impossible to do, so plan ahead and like any good tourist be flexible and I promise it will be time well spent or your money back!


3 Tips To Save Energy In Any Home

3 Tips To Save Energy In Any Home

It’s time to face the cruel fact that summer is behind us. The nights are getting cooler and your home needs to be ready to take on the changing season, both inside and out. So many seasonal lists focus on what to do outside a home before the seasons change, but here is a list of 3 sure-fire ways to keep the inside warm and cozy, even without a fireplace!

Green Peeps on the job
Air Sealing is one of the most effective and least expensive fixes for comfort and energy savings

1) Do the Candle Test to find phantom air leaks. It’s simple. Light a candle and watch the flame as you do a quick perimeter check. Be sure to hit the obvious places like windows and doors. But also be sure you check out the area around any recessed lighting, a commonly overlooked spot for air leaks. If the flame is dancing (or worse, goes out!), you have an air leak on your hands. Relax! It’s nothing a bit of sealing can’t fix. For a list of best practices, click here.

2) Change Your HVAC Filter! Simply put, your home will feel more comfortable when you rid it of excess dust and dirt in the air. If you leave a dirty air filter in your HVAC, each time the heat kicks on it’s recirculating those particles through your vents and into your home. Make sure to replace it about every 3 months for the best results. Plus, check out the high-efficiency pleated filters that can help grab more from your air.

3) Save $75 by swapping out your light bulbs! If you’ve been hesitant to change out your bulbs for the more efficient counterparts, it’s time to take another look. LEDs can provide the same comfortable glow as the classic incandescents, but allow you to keep more money in your pocket. While the cost up front is still higher than the old incandescents, you’re getting more bang for your buck. Replacing just 5 of your most used light bulbs can yield $75 in annual savings. If you’re still in need of a crash course in new light bulb language, take a look at this article.

Here are some additional links:

More about how to find drafts.

More about your HVAC filters.

More about Seattle City Light LED incentives.



9600 Roosevelt Wy NE Seattle Townhome South Facing End Unit

9600 Roosevelt Wy NE Seattle Townhome South Facing End Unit

New to the market this weekend, this one will go fast. The super convenient location of the Maple Leaf neighborhood along with the high end finishes makes this a very desirable home.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan and smart design stand out in this wider than normal townhome footprint. Nicely fenced front yard separates you from the street with lovely plantings along the south side of the building. There is ample space in the auto court to access your oversized garage with room for a workshop and extra storage.


Town home Maple Leaf
Spacious south facing end unit

Built in 2007, this home was one of the first to be certified in the ever popular Built Green of King and Snohomish Counties, and comes with the official certificate. Radiant heat and efficient design with lots of natural day lighting will be there for year to come, saving the occupants money on their monthly utility bills. No homeowner dues in this small grouping of homes, and the established landscaping allows the residents to enjoy their free time strolling down Roosevelt Way enjoying the great Walkscore of the area instead of home and yard maintenance.


Open house at town home
Room for outside grill just outside kitchen door. Stainless steel appliances.

Close proximity to Northgate and the transit hub for buslines and new light rail, Maple Leaf is a highly sought after part of Seattle, with easy routes to Lake City Way and Interstate 5. On street parking isn’t a problem here either when you entertain using the space for an outdoor grill right off the kitchen.


9600 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle
Open floor plan with inlaid cherry floors, crown molding, natural stone & tile finishes, new paint through out.

Stop by this weekend at this townhome and experience the neighborhood at the open houses Saturday and Sunday from 12-4. If you aren’t familiar with Maple Leaf you’ll want to be! (sold)

Value it Green Home Tour In Portland OR

Value it Green Home Tour In Portland OR

Portland, our like-minded city to the south will be having their Green Home Tour on September 9, 2014. Put on by Earth Advantage it offers continuing education and clock hours for Real Estate Professionals. One can take the tour, and for an increased price attend the mixer after.

Green Home Tour Draws Chinooks
A father and son Design/Build came all the way from British Columbia just to see the tour

Unlike Seattle’s own NW Green Home Tour which is self guided and free to the public, the commonality at the heart of each tour is education and “normalizing” green building. There has been so much “greenwashing” the greater public and real estate professionals may have a distorted sense of what green building truly is, not to mention the benefits to residents and owners.

If you like comfort, low maintenance demands, low utility bills, more free time, economy of scale, universal and smart design, healthy indoor air quality, and sometimes just really beautiful finishes, you might be a candidate to be the owner of a green home.


NW Green Home Tour

These NWGHT 2014 attendees came in style. On their bikes complete with a growler cage on board.

One of the best ways to learn about green homes and green living is to attend a local green home tour.  You can stand inside of the homes, talk with the homeowners and contractors, see, touch, smell, and imagine what it would be like to live in a more efficient home

Modern Madison Valley New on Market

seattle real estate
Central Seattle Easy Living

Modern Madison Valley New on Market

Have you been looking for a modern home in Central Seattle? Do you want a walkable lifestyle with options for entertainment and recreation just minutes from your front door. Do you like the idea of a 4 star Build Green certification? This may be the house for you!

Modern Construction
Open floor plan with lots of natural light

New construction from Cascade Built highlights the 21st Century lifestyle. Nestled just off the Madison corridor, this home and the neighborhood is so close to many other well known neighborhoods: Madrona, Capitol Hill, Lake Washington Park, Denny Blaine, Madison Park, the Arboretum, and of course, Downtown Seattle. With a Walk Score of  77, and a Transit Score of 57, this is one of those places one can get by without a car.

The top floor has a master suite with a rooftop deck above to watch the Blue Angels fly overhead during Seafair, or to entertain guests for a nitecap after walking to dinner at one of several nearby restaurants. This is urban Seattle living at it’s best!

Fabulous 4 Star Built Green Home in Denny Blaine

Fabulous 4 Star Built Green Home in Denny Blaine (SOLD)

See this wonderfully private home perched on a small hill in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle. Seattle Realtor Green will be holding the first Open houses along with the Designer/Builder, First Lamp. Located near the Arboretum, fantastic schools, this is an in-city neighborhood with the feeling of living in the trees. Several rooms including the Master suite, overlook the colorful green roof, with a full crop of easy care sedums putting on a colorful display 12 months of the year.

Wonderful views day and night

Wonderful views day and night

With windows facing every direction, this home will never be gloomy. Look out over Madison Valley from your in home office or take the dog for a walk in the arboretum, all while your kids are at school within walking distance.  At night, this home truly dazzles. Built with family life as well as entertaining in mind, smart design allow this home many different personalities.



Smart Design, Smart Finishes, Smart Location

Stop by between 1-4 to view. It’s easiest to park on the street below and walk up the hill (so bring comfortable shoes). Owner access will be from the street above directly into the large 2 car garage.

Update on the NW Green Home Tour 2014

Update on the NW Green Home Tour 2014

The NW Green Home Tour 2014 sign up deadline has passed. The good news for you as a tour attendee, is now you can choose between 35 Site Hosts for living spaces and 12 Sustainability Stops or retail spaces–who are notable for pushing forward the green conversation. Want to get a hint of what this is all about. Check our the brochure on line, or pick up the April issue of Seattle’s Natural Awakenings magazine at a coffee shop near you.

The guiding principle of the tour is education. Think you know all about green building? Not many people can really say that, in fact the more the know they realize actually they know less than they thought they did. Many of the participates of the NW Green Home Tour 2014 are torn between being a host on the tour or spending the day learning new principles and concepts from their peers.

Ultimately all of us who have been involved with the planning process, want to show everyone that “Green Homes” aren’t outside of the box. Indeed they are familiar, cost effective, neccessary, and above all smart. OK , granted sometimes they are forward thinking or “hip” while drawing upon sometimes new technogies and systems taken for granted or even developed by previous civilizations. Other times they are the most ordinary looking, and yet high performance home on the block.

As a renter, home owner, home builder, cook or gardener, there is something for everyone here. When looking at the NW Green Home Tour Guide be sure to note the icons, they give you a hint of the site’s most prominate features. Each one of these categories contains a myriad of other concepts. for more information keep check back at the tour web site for more details about the different sites.


Green Home Features
Map Key of site features for planning out your tour day route


As the Map Key states this tour is for all shades of green. Think you don’t care? How about savings on 1/2 of your utility bill. How do you get green? Learn the “Low Hanging Fruit” on some easy to acquire upgrades. Think you are already green enough? You might be able to learn how to bump it up a notch. If you are thinking of buying, remodeling or retrofitting a home this day is a must. So mark your calendar, Saturday April 26th as your tour day. Get the maps and descriptions, plan your route, wear slip on/off shoes, make your game plan in advance–there is way too much to see in one day. Then after the tour join us for our wrap party immediatly after. Just ask any greeter/volunteer of the day of the tour for the details.

NW Home Tour Committee Chair
For your Sustainable Real Estate needs from now into the future

Call to Action for NW Green Home Tour Volunteers

Call to Action for NW Green Home Tour Volunteers

Do you have an interest in home building, building or interior design, urban landscaping or urban planning? Come be an essential part of what could be the largest Green Home Tour in the United States. It’s powered by two non-profit organizations “pushing the envelope” on what green and sustainable housing can be. Our motto is “any shade of green”  and with the building industry catching on and embracing green building concepts it’s only getting better and the buzz is catching on. This year is the largest NW Green Home Tour yet. For 2014 there are improvements any homeowner or renter can make in their own home.

Some common topics are:

  • Site planning
  • Landscaping
  • Water Usage and Design
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Usage
  • Transit , Bikealibity and Walkabilty
  • Universal Design
  • Daylighting
  • Smart Planning

Within these topics are several mini topics. Therefore, many in the Green building industry refer to this type of building as “high performance” or “smart built”.

Go to the website and sign up to be a greeter for the tour. No green building knowledge required, just an open mind to learn new concepts and make sure others get their questions answered by the site hosts. The shifts are 3 hours which gives the volunteers time to check out more of the 35 site hosts and 12 sustainability stops. As always feel free to contact me if you have questions.


NW Home Tour Committee Chair
For your Sustainable Real Estate needs from now into the future